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Along The Way

"Along the way, you won’t always see what’s around the corner… But if you know where your going, just enjoy the journey."
- Adrian Luna
A message from a dad to his children.

RIP Elvis 🤍

Love Uninhibitedly, Love Unconditionally
I am grateful for the time we shared and the joy you brought!

Grateful For The 22.5 lb Harvest 🍉

"Life is like eating a watermelon, you know you’re going to get some seeds; just spit them out and take another bite."
- Jeff Steinmann

Reminiscing About Nana

We continue to miss you dearly and super appreciate all the love and memories we have with you!

Happy 80th Birthday Nana! 💕🎉

Yo Nana!
We got that KFC, A&W Root Beer and Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the small cans, a whole watermelon and had a good time together just like when you were here with us...
Thank you, for always being there like you were for all of us!
Learning to love like you loved me!
Love, Adrian Luna 🌻💛✨

Tree Of Life

I would drive with my Nana to visit my great-grandparents down this country road when I was a child.
I passed through here today on my last day of employment and had to stop and capture this moment.
Thank you Nana for showing me the way!💛