The Gatekeeper

I decided to be intentional about protecting myself, family and anyone that connects to my network.

How did I do it?

I remembered a product that I used when I was a technology manager for an international ministry.

I went to OpenDNS’s website and logged in with my account that I had from awhile back.

I took a look at the different options and saw the cost for OpenDNS Deluxe was only $19.95 for the year.

I was sold and made the purchase.

I added their DNS IP addresses to my router, set my preferences, tested and am totally stoked that it works!

I made a change to block social media and my 13 year old FaceTimed to communicate that he wanted to upgrade his phone because he wasn’t able to login to his social media accounts and even restarted his phone.

I let him know I would “see what’s up”, made another quick setting change from my mobile phone and he was back in social media land again.

Way better option than not having anything.

Techfully ,

Adrian Luna 🤓

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